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Death to the era of long and passive content

Introducing the Snak™

Customer preferences have changed. Marketing & Sales can no longer produce content in lengthy campaign cycles – markets move fast and information is omnipresent.
Snakker helps your brand to create personalized video based content that is:

Snak creation is within the grasp of professional marketeers and non-professional business people alike.
Mismatched Content Supply / Demand

Why a Messaging Revolution?

Social platforms dominate attention whilst businesses and brands scramble to adjust to what audiences are making in media demands.
The conclusion: out with passive / long format marketing content.

Customer Viewing Preferences

Customers would prefer to watch content which is relevant and to the point (short), created by people they trust and delivered in a way that is easily consumed and rewarding.

Brands Getting it Right

Most marketing teams and agencies strive for perfection over speed, form over substance, celebrity over reality and are sluggish and expensive in achieving these objectives.

How to embrace change?

Our Secret Ingredient:
The Cue™

Where most online content is limited to posting videos, pre-recorded presentations, or other linear media, Snakker™ is designed for interaction. Add sophisticated Cues™ to your Snak™ and engage with your audience. Pose fun questions, ask for feedback, contact details, or opinions and get everything served right back to you for review and analysis.

Multiple choice

Offer choice to your customers with each choice driving new levels of engagement.


Gain qualitative insight directly within each video to establish what matters most to your customers.

Info screen

Capture qualitative data and lead-level text inputs embedded within each video.

Yes / No

Simple, fast customer insights which keep the personalized video flow moving.


Allow customers to tailor-make a video stream based on their prefered sequence of content.

Menus...and more

Say goodbye to linear video, customers choose the topics of interest to them - speeding up engagement.

Snak Marketing Benefits

The evolution of digital media

Just as video content revolutionized the way in which brands communicate, so too are Snaks building upon that to enable bi-directional video marketing channels.

Any brand is fighting for their audiences’ attention. With Snakker™ you have an extra trick up your sleeve — not only when it comes to the ease of viewing each piece of media, but also the valuable data you receive when audiences interact with Snaks™

Snaks™ allow customers to view exactly what they want when they want. These Interactions keep viewers engaged — and instantly provide you with the results and analytics to fine-tune your next promotion, respond to a hot lead or tweak the current media.

Webinars and long format videos often cover multiple topics over several hours. In reality, not every participant is interested in or has the time to sit through all of the topics discussed.


With Snakker™ simply upload your completed video or webinar and divide it into topics with a simple menu. Invite your participants to engage in polls and questions along the way.

Imagine receiving data and analytics in realtime from viewers – helping you to understand your target market and their preferences. Generate new ideas on how to improve your content and take personalized micro-content to a whole new level.

Snak™ Use Cases

Snak Inspiration

All these Snakswere created directly using our software. Swipe inspiration for your next project.

Impressive Statistics

Are you ready to join the Snakker™ Revolution?

Snak™ ad channels, email communications, employee onboarding, WhatsApp messages, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more are waiting to be leveraged at scale.

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