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Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all campaigns and hello to short, interactive, and choice-driven conversations

Snakker™ empowers healthcare professionals to engage, track, and measure their audience’s interest across any channel in real-time with frequent interactions, localization, personalization, and rich data insights. Our precision marketing approach puts the power in the hands of individual HCPs to choose what information they want to consume, where, and when. 

Snakker™ is already transforming the industry for the biggest healthcare brands. See how in our use case examples. 

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The dynamic duo behind Snakker™

Introducing the masterminds behind Snakker™ – Morten and Richard. Together, they bring an unparalleled combination of skills, expertise, and experience to the table, driving innovation and future-proofing life science communication.

Morten Hjelmsoe

Morten Hjelmsoe



Richard Dos Santos

Richard dos Santos



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